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We Located in New Jersey, doing professional Vinyl Wrapping. Our first priority is to take responsibility for the work you want done on your car

Full vinyl wrap

Full change of your car color!

Exclusive Vinyl’s protective Vinyl Wrapping services make your car look unique. It also protects your ride’s original paint, securing any chipped, scratched or dented surfaces. By reducing minor abrasions, each Vinyl Wrapping job satisfies your vehicle’s durability for 10 years while maximizing its color appeal. Take charge with your new look, and satisfy your thirst for adventure by swapping your Vinyl Wrapping design

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Paint Protection Film

Get protection for your car paint with invisible cover!

Our XPEL paint protection film adds an invisible layer atop your car’s finish, safeguarding it from debris, strong weather and harsh chemicals. Each crystal-clear, energy-absorbent layer is comprised of polyurethane. Your car’s shape is attended to via in-depth digital templates. Regardless of your vehicle’s shape, customizations or other features, its XPEL paint protection film fits snugly. It guarantees up to 10 years of protection, fortifying your ride’s vulnerable areas

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Everglass Coating

Get 40% off today!

Exclusive Vinyl’s Everglass Coating is a thin, transparent film packing a nanoceramic structure. Maximizing your car’s protection, it protects its surface from small scratches, environmental effects, repeat washes and other materials. A beautiful shine is guaranteed every time, rendering your car irresistible.

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Get Performance with Quality!

Our restorations, add-ons and high-detail customization packages outfit your ride from the inside out. Producing a show-quality level of detail, each Exclusive Vinyl addition prioritizes your vehicle’s natural abilities while enhancing its overall look. Outfit your vehicle’s performance with enhanced cold air intake kits, brake kits, turbo kits and other options. Or, strategize your car’s capabilities by installing a high-grade intake, chargepipe or intercooler.

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